NBL Money Transfer Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, Company No. 823952-T, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank Limited, Bangladesh. The Central Bank of Bangladesh (Bangladesh Bank) vide their letter no. BRPD(M)204/04/2008-87 dated 07/12/2008 and Bank Negara Malaysia vide their letter no. KL.EC.150/1/8494 dated 13/01/2009 has accorded their kind approval for floating the company in Malaysia.


The Company has been incorporated in Malaysia in the year 2008 with an authorized capital of RM 1.00 million & presently authorized capital of RM 2.00 million. The Company is fully be managed by National Bank Ltd, Bangladesh by deputing Officials including it's Chief Executive Officer.


In accordance with the permission notice bearing reference no. KL.EC.150/1/8494 dated 15 September 2009 issued from the office of the Director of Foreign Exchange Administration Department, Bank Negara Malaysia and letter no. JDSP/POL/4200/9/SO/ZR/HMN dated 2 October, 2009 on the subject of notification of compliance with the section 5(1) of the Payment System Act 2003, issued from the office of the Controller, Jabatan Dasar Sistem Pembayaran of Bank Negara Malaysia, the remittance business of the KL Main Branch (1st Branch) of NBL Money Transfer Sdn Bhd at No. 12 & 14, Ground Floor, Jalan Lebu Pudu, 50050 Kuala Lumpur has been commenced with effect from 04.10.2009 by using the robust web based payment system "NBL Quick Pay".


The Company currently operating with 8 (eight) branches in different city's of Malaysia by ensuring robust security and internal control system while the risk management arrangement between Head Office and all the Branches will also be instituted. The entire Branches are running smoothly with profitable position and transactions are increasing day by day for ensuring better service to customers.
Date: 13/12/2018
Bangladesh 20.00
Nepal 27.30
Indonesia 293.00
Pakistan 32.80
India 16.98